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2013-12-27 Quantum Pfaffians and hyper-Pfaffians
2013-12-17 A robust Kantorovich’s theorem on inexact Newton’s method with relative residual error tolerance
2013-12-16 Geometry of Derived Categories
2013-12-10 Nonlinear frames and sparse reconstructions
2013-10-21 Simultaneous Colorings of Plane Graphs
2013-10-18 L^p estimates for multi-linear and multi-parameter pseudo-differential operators
2013-10-16 Large sets with resolvability
2013-10-10 Sequential monitoring of conditional randomization tests (Professor William F Rosenberger)
2013-9-17 Two Selected Combinatorial Coding Problems
2013-9-6 邵启满教授Spin-Glass研讨班9月8日
2013-9-5 学 术 报 告 (I)
2013-9-5 学 术 报 告 (II)
2013-7-25 Symmetric informationally complete measurement, Lie algebra, and the unitary group
2013-7-18 Optimization for Compressed Sensing
2013-7-9 Hangzhou International Conference of Probability and Statistics
2013-6-18 On the phase transitions of random states
2013-5-16 Nonparametric and adaptive modeling of dynamic seasonality and trend with heteroscedastic and dependent errors
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