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Renowned Mathematician, Prof. ZHANG Yitang gives a lecture at Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics

Date:2018-12-27 | Visitcount:920

In the afternoon of Dec. 25, Prof. ZHANG Yitang from University of California, Santa Barbara was invited to deliver a talk entitled "The Landau-Siegel Zero Problem with Application in Number Theory" at Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, ZJU.

Prof. ZHANG Yitang is a legendary Chinese mathematician. He was born in Shanghai in 1955 and graduated from Peking University with undergraduate’s degree and master’s degree. In 1992, he received his doctorate degree from Purdue University. After years of frustrations and silence, in 2013, he published “Bounded Distance Between the Prime Numbers” inAnnals of Mathematics, the most prestigious journal in the world's mathematical circles. Prof. ZHANG was awarded the 2013 Morningside Special Achievement Award in Mathematics,the 2013 Ostrowski Prize,the 2014 Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory,and the 2014 Rolf Schock Prize in Mathematics. He is a recipient of the 2014 MacArthur award, and was elected as an Academia Sinica Fellow during the same year.He was also an invited speaker at the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians.

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