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CUHK students gain a deeper understanding of ZJU in MOE Ten Thousand Student Interflow Programme

Date:2019-06-01 | Visitcount:805

From May 22 to 26, a delegation including 2 staff and 16 students from Department of Statistics, the Chinese University of Hong Kong paid a visit to School of Mathematical Sciences, Zhejiang University.

Prof. SHENG Weimin, vice dean of the school, representatives of faculty and students extended a warm welcome to them.

During the visit, CUHK students had a deeper insight about ZJU through campus visiting, the sharing from ZJU students and academic talks. They also experienced some Mathematics courses and exchanged ideas in regard to university studies and campus life with ZJU students.

CUHK students not only acquainted themselves with the beautiful campus of ZJU, but also deeply impressed by the great achievements that Chinese mainland has made.

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