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The Kahler-Ricci flow and cscK on minimal model

Date:2019-01-04 | Visitcount:656

Title:  The Kahler-Ricci flow and cscK on minimal model.

Speaker:  Wangjian Jian (Peking University)

Time:  10:30 —11:30, January 4, 2019

Location:  Room 105, Sir Shaw Run Run Business Administration building,School of Mathematical Sciences, Yuquan Campus

Abstract:  I will introduce my recent result on Kahler-Ricci flow, which states that on a Kahler manifold with semi-ample canonical class, the scalar curvature of the normalized Kahler-Ricci flow will converge to minus the Kodaira dimension(arxiv:1805.07884). Using this as an evidence, I will introduce the cscK near the canonical class on minimal model(arxiv:1805.06863),which is the joint work with Yalong Shi and Jian Song.

Contact Person: Wenshuai Jiang (wsjiang@zju.edu.cn)

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