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Global regularity and sharp decay estimates for Vlasov type equations

Date:2019-03-13 | Visitcount:492
Title: Global regularity and sharp decay estimates for Vlasov type equations 
Speaker:Xuecheng Wang (Tsinghua University) 
Time:9:00-11:00am, Mar. 13, 2019 (Wednesday)
Location:200-9,Sir Run Run Shaw Business Administration Building

Abstract: In plasma physics, the evolution of a sufficiently diluted ionized gas or solar wind under the effect of the electromagnetic forces created by  particles themselves can be  described by the Vlasov-Maxwell system. Under the assumption that there is no magnetic field, we can derive a simplified model, the Vlasov-Poisson system, which is also widely studied in literature. 

In this talk, we will mainly discuss the propagation of regularity and the decay estimates of the small data solution for both systems.  In particular, no compact support assumptions are imposed to obtain the global solution.

Contact person:Chengbo Wang(wangcbo@zju.edu.cn)

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