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School of Mathematical Sciences, ZJU

The mathematical department at Zhejiang University was founded in 1928. Since then, the Chen-Su School, pioneered by the renowned mathematical analyst CHEN Jiangong and the geometer SU Buqing, have made profound impacts in mathematics and gained international recognition. Over the decades, alumni graduated from the department include members of the Academy of Sciences in different countries: CHENG Minde, GU Chaohao, WANG Yuan, XIA Daoxing, HU Hesheng, SHI Zhongci, LIN Fanghua, LI Jianshu, WANG Xujia, GUAN Pengfei, etc., and a list of well-known scholars such as YUE Minyi, GONG Sheng ,Hsiung C. C., YANG C. T., ,BAI Zhengguo, as well as distinguished young mathematicians such as ZHOU Dingxuan, LI Jiayu, SHAO Qiman, SUN Binyong and public figures such as HUANG Daren and SHI Yuzhu.

The School of Mathematical Sciences currently has 108 full-time faculty members, including 53 professors, 42 associate professors, 10 lecturers and 3 postdocs. In the past five years, the department has been expanded rapidly in faculty recruitment and students development. It has recruited over 20 new faculty members in the last few years, including one recipient of 2018 DAMO Academy Young Fellow Award and one recipient of Zhong Jiaqing Mathematics Award.Faculty in the department are committed to conduct original research in many important areas of pure math. In the applied part, members take interdisciplinary research in areas including information, pharmacy, biology and environment to meet the state’s major needs. Other highlights of the faculty members include two recent papers in top mathematical journals,Journal of American Mathematical SocietyandInventions Mathematice, four State Key Projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation and participation in one National Natural Science Award (Second Class).  As the principal participant, the discipline has also been awarded one Natural Science Award (Second Class) by the State Ministry of Education and one Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress Award (Second Class).  The discipline currently ranks  top 1% in the Essential Science Indicator (ESI) among the mathematics programs worldwide.

         The discipline has appointed Professor Li Jianshu, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as the Chair of the Professors Committee, and has recruited Special-Termed Visiting Chair Professors including Professor Lin Fanghua (New York University, USA, member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and National One Thousand Talent), Professor Shao Qiman (Chinese University of Hong Kong, National One Thousand Talent) and Professor Zhou Haomin (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA and Zhejiang One Thousand Talent).  Additionally, there are several named ZJU Chair Professors: Qiushi Chair Professors including Professor Li Jianshu, Professor Gunther Uhlmann (University of Washington, USA and member of AAAS), Professor Peter Song (University of Michigan, USA), Professor Jiang Dihua (University of Minnesota, USA) and Professor Xiang Qing (University of Delaware, USA) and Guangbiao Chair Professors including Professor Arun Kumar Pati (CNRS, France and Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India).

         The discipline aims at training students with global visions and innovations to lead in mathematical research and in high-end applications. The principle areas of research include the fundamental areas of pure, applied and computational mathematics, probability and statistics and operations research and control. It has received state certifications for a postdoctoral research base, for a doctoral program in the mathematical discipline and for a National Key Disciplinary Base. The graduates in the last 15 years include a long list of outstanding young mathematicians working in prestigious institutions in the country and overseas. Many have received high recognitions, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China Distinguished Young Scholars, the National Youth Top-notch Talent Support Program Scholars, the National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Youth Foundation Scholars, and the National One Thousand Young Talent Program Scholars. Furthermore, two were selected and another two was nominated for the National Top 100 Doctoral Theses, one was awarded the Gold Medal in the New World Math. Doctoral Thesis Contest and the Zhong Jiaqing Mathematics Award by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Undergraduates of the discipline have had multiple publications in various international journals and Outstanding Awards. The discipline has also established collaborations with universities and research institutes around the globe including Harvard University (USA), MIT (USA), Imperial College London (UK) and école Normale Supérieure, Paris (France).

           The discipline has made prominent achievements and had broad international impact on education and research.  It has produced nearly 20 members of different academies of sciences (American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Royal Society of Canada, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, etc.), numerous outstanding mathematicians working at leading universities and research institutes in the country and overseas, as well as various renowned figures in politics, educations and finance. Its faculty and students have published a great amount of high-quality academic research, have been awarded many national awards in both research and education and have directed multiple key and major research projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation and other founding agencies.  Additionally, the faculty members serve on editorial boards of well-known research journals, such asSIAM J. Applied Math,Inverse ProblemsandJ. Differential Equations.The discipline has organized international conferences on multiple occasions and has hosted over 40 members of academies of sciences from different countries and many other leading mathematicians all over the world for exchanging ideas and results.

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