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Mathematics in Zhejiang University has one of the first National Basic Research & Teaching Personnel Training Bases, postdoctoral research stations and the doctoral programs for primary disciplines of mathematics. Mathematics is a key discipline of the National "211 Project" of the "Ninth Five-year Plan" and the "Tenth Five-year Plan". With the scientific and technological innovation platform of the National "985 Project", it is the main supporting discipline for the State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University. In 2007, it was approved by the Ministry of Education as one of the first primary national key disciplines. There are 5 secondary disciplines including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, computational mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics and operational reseach and control theory. More>>

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 Undergraduate Programs
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information and Computer Science
 Outstanding Teachers
National level
Zhengyan Lin(林正炎), Qifan Yang(杨启帆)
Zhejiang provincial level
Yibing Shen(沈一兵)
 Teaching teams at national level
Teaching team of mathematical modeling & practice, Person in charge: Prof. Yang Qifan
 Programs of Doctoral Degree and Master Degree
Primary Disciplines Doctoral Degree Programs for Primary Discipline Doctoral Degree Programs for Secondary Discipline Master Degree programs for Secondary Discipline
Mathematics Mathematics Fundamental Mathematics Fundamental Mathematics
Computational Mathematics Computational Mathematics
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics
Operational Research and Cybernetics Operational Research and Cybernetics

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