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CAD and CG National Key Laboratory

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Zhejiang University CAD and CG National Key Laboratory was jointly founded by three of the university’s departments, namely, Computer Science, Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering. Officially listed in the National Building Plan in 1989, the laboratory was built and passed inspection in 1992. In 1992 and 1997 respectively, it was rated as Category A in National Key Laboratory appraisal organized by State Planning Commission and in 1994, it won the nationwide Gold Ox Advanced Collective Award for National Key Laboratory.

Adhering to the principle of “open, mobile, uniting and competing, the Lab has scored impressive achievement in scientific research, talent cultivation, opening to outside and management. Between 1997 and 2001, it has altogether undertaken 1 project in Innovation Research Group Science Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation, 3 projects in National Excellent Youth Foundation4 projects in key programs of National Natural Science Foundation, 36 of its surface projects and youth foundation projects, and other 49 projects of national level and provincial or ministerial vertical level, winning 3 National Science Progress Prizes, 7 provincial or ministerial Science Progress prizes, and one National Science Book Award. It has also made 367 publications in international and domestic key academic journals, of which 49 have been in international journals, 318 in key national journals. Sixty-four of them have been listed in Science Citation Index and 58 in Engineering Index. The Lab has also contributed 9 special academic works, 42 open management research projects, of which 34 are led by people from outside.

The lab is known for its sound academic atmosphere and talents cultivation practices. Among the lab’s long-term staff, three have won National Excellent Foundation, 1 China Youth Science Progress Prize, 1 National Higher Education Excellent Youth Teacher Award, 2 have been chosen for National Million Talent Cultivation Project (1st and 2nd level), 3 for Zhejiang Provincial 151 Talent Cultivation Project (1st and 2nd level), 1 to be expert for National 863 High-tech Project topic group, 1 has won China Graphic Distinguished Prize, 3 have been given the honorable title of national middle-aged and youth expert with outstanding contribution, 6 the same honor of provincial level. In the course of its appraised years, it has turned out 11 post PhDs, 135 PhDs, 159 MS and received 30 international and domestic visiting scholars.

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