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Workshop on Geometric Analysis 2011

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Workshop on Geometric Analysis 2011

Hangzhou, June 20 -- June 26 , 2011


Scientific Committee:

Prof. DING Weiyue, Peking University

Prof. TIAN Gang, Princeton University & Peking University

Prof. ZHANG Weiping, Nankai University


Organizing Committee:

Prof. LI JiayuChair, The University of Science and Technology of China

Prof. SHENG Weiming, Zhejiang University

Prof. LI Song, Zhejiang University

Prof. CHEN Jiecheng, Zhejiang University




Monday 20th June 2011: Register


Tuesday 21st June 2011:  (浙大玉泉校区邵逸夫工商管理楼四楼会议厅)

Chairman:     Prof. Ding Weiyue

09:30-09:50    Opening Ceremony

10:00-10:50    Prof. Qing Jie

Topic: Hyper surfaces in hyperbolic space and conformal geometry

10:50-11:10    Tea break

11:10-12:00    Prof. Zhu Xiaohua

Supremum of Perelman's entropy on a Fano manifold


AfternoonFree discussion


Wednesday 22nd June 2011:  (浙大玉泉校区邵逸夫工商管理楼四楼会议厅)

Chairman:     Prof. Chen Jiecheng

09:00-09:50    Prof. Lu Peng

The linear trace Harnack quadratic on gradient Ricci soliton

10:00-10:50    Prof. Li Chi

On the continuity method in Kahler-Einstein

10:50-11:10    Tea break

Chairman:     Prof. Chen Xiuxiong

11:10-12:00    Prof. Zhou Bin

Topic: K-stability on toric surfaces

AfternoonFree discussion


Thursday 23rd June 2011: (浙大玉泉校区邵逸夫工商管理楼四楼会议厅)

Chairman:     Prof. Sheng Weimin

09:00-09:50    Prof. Shi Yuguang

Topic: Normalized Ricci flow on AH manifolds

10:00-10:50    Dr. Hu Xue

Topic: Some geometric problems on AH manifolds

10:50-11:10    Tea break

11:10-12:00    Free discussion

AfternoonPublic Speech in Department of Mathematics at Zhejiang University

Prof. Tian Gang14:30-15:30):辛流形上几何方程

Prof. Han Qing16:00-17:00):Classifications of solutions of differential equations on complete manifolds


Friday 24th June 2011: (浙大玉泉校区邵逸夫工商管理楼四楼会议厅)

Chairman:     Prof. Li Jiayu

09:00-09:50    Prof. Guan Bo

Topic: The Dirichlet Problem for Complex Monge-Ampere Equations on Hermitian manifolds

10:00-10:50    Dr. Song Chong

Topic: The KdV curve and Schrödinger-Airy curve

10:50-11:10    Tea break

Chairman:     Prof. Tian Gang

11:10-12:00    Prof. Zhang Xi

Complex Monge-Ampère equation and it's applications

AfternoonFree discussion


Saturday 25th June 2011: 浙大玉泉校区邵逸夫工商管理楼二楼多媒体演讲厅

Chairman:     Prof. Li Song

09:00-09:50    Prof. Wang Guofang

Topic: Transversal Yamabe problem

10:00-10:50    Prof. Zhang Zhenlei

Topic: On the limiting behavior of a Kähler-Ricci flow

10:50-11:10    Tea break

Chairman:     Prof. Zhang Weiping

11:10-12:00    Prof. Ye Rugang

On the geometry, Topology, Hawking Mass and geograph of constant mean curvature surfaces

AfternoonFree discussion


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