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One of the major bases of study on theory and basic application of mathematics and applied mathematics in the province, the Institute of Advanced Mathematics of Zhejiang University is known for strong research power and abundant resources. The institute's history can trace back to mathematics laboratory in University of Zhejiang founded by late Professors Chen Jian Gong and Su Buqing in 1941. Having established the well-known "Chen & Su's school of thought", it has trained a large number of internationally and domestically famous scholars and contributed enormously to the development of China’s modern mathematics. In recent years, the research institute has expanded academic exchanges, stepped up talent development and recruitment, enhanced research level, and accomplished some original research achievements. In the process, it has won many domestic and international mathematics prizes, provincial or ministerial level science incentive and teaching achievement awards. It has completed National "973" Foundation Research Project, National Natural Science Foundation key project, many research items of National Natural Science Foundation project and those of Zhejiang province, published a great number of high quality paper in first-class international journals (including top international publication), and has been awarded with many national foundation projects. With an academic team of high quality, strong capacity, rational age structure and balanced research power, the institute has succeeded in turning out a whole batch of outstanding PhD graduate.

The institute now boasts 26 professors (among them 22 PhD tutors), 18 associate professors, and over 20 are young teachers with PhDs. With a post doctor mobile station, PhD program, MS program, it also undertakes national "10th FYP" and "211 project" key discipline construction. It now has one candidate chosen for the 1000 Talent Recruiting Plan, 5 for Zhejiang University Guangbiao chair professors, 1 Zhejiang Unversity Yongqian chair professor, 2 Zhejiang University Distinguished Visiting Professors, 1 National Experts with Distinguished Contribution, 1 candidate for National Million Talent Project, 2 for Ministry of Education New(Across) Century Elitists project ,1 for Sir Yue-kong Pao chair professor, 1 provincial famous teacher, and a number of 1st and 2nd level candidates for Zhejiang province 151 talented person project. In recent years, the institute also saw   one winning of national excellent doctoral dissertation nomination prize, one for New World Mathematics prize Doctoral Dissertation Gold prize, and one for the Chinese Mathematics Society Zhong Jiaqing Mathematics Prize respectively.

Advanced mathematics research includes basic mathematics academic program and applied mathematics academic program. Basic mathematics academic program consists of first-batch National Authorized Doctorate-awarding Unit and Mobile Station for Postdoctoral Scientific Research. A part of first-batch National Key Discipline (in combination with applied mathematics), it boasts national science talent training base for mathematics; while the applied mathematics academic program was authorized to award doctorate in 1984 and in 1988 to be the only National Science Key Discipline among China’s science and engineering universities and colleges, boasting national science talent training base for mathematics and a Mobile Station for Postdoctoral Scientific Research. Compared with the domestic universities, these the academics research programs distinguish themselves both in strength and quality, enabling them to rank well ahead of many of their counterparts in 2006’s National Key Discipline Evaluation.

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