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Currently boasting 1 PhD. advisor, 1 full professor, 3 associate professors, 4 engineers, 5 PhD students and 5 MS students, the institute has a number of senior scholars listed as consultants including, Academician of China's Sciences Academy and probability and statistics expert, Professor CHEN Xiru; the former deputy director and chief engineer of Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, iron making expert Professor ZHOU Chuandian, and former chief engineer of S & T Department of Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Professor XU Juliang. The institute's director, Professor LIU Xiangguan is a National Middle-aged and Youth Expert of Outstanding Contribution, PhD. for Operations and Control theories, and second round candidate in 2001 and 2003 respectively for membership of China's Engineering Academy.

The past achievements include 1 Y1988's 1st Prize of National Science Progress Award, 1 Sichuan Provincial Corporate Management Excellent Results 1st Prize, 1 Zhejiang Provincial Science Progress 1st Prize, 1 2nd Prize of same award, 1 Shangdong Provincial Science Progress 1st Prize, 1 3rd Prize of same award, and 1 Metallurgical Science & Technology 2nd Prize; 1st Prize for Y1995 Zhejiang Province Natural Science Excellent Research Paper, and Book publication including one on process optimization and intelligent control system in blast furnace iron making.

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