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Institute of Scientific and Engineering Computing at Zhejiang University is staffed with 22 teachers. One among them is a chair professor of "Thousand Talent Plan", 8 are full professors, associate professors and other young PhDs. As one of Zhejiang's major bases for research on theory and application of computational mathematics and applied software, it boasts strong research capacity, rational age distribution of academic team and fairly comprehensive research orientations. In 1983 and 1986, respectively it was authorized by 2nd and 3rd State Council Degree Council to offer MS and PhD degrees. In recent years, the institute has undertaken several National Natural Science Foundation projects, 1 National Key Research project, taken part in S & T Ministry's "973" large-scale high-performance computation project and physics ITER Project. We have accomplished a multitude of major research results in areas like nonlinear optic theory, numerical method and application, numerical solution to partial differential equation, numerical approximation, numerical algebra, optimization, and numerical solution of nonlinear equations. They have been published in top level international and domestic journals like SIAM J NUMER ANAL, MATH COMPUT, NUMER MATH, INVERSE PROBLEM and so on.

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