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Deparment of Mathematics Zhejiang University
Mathematics in Zhejiang University has one of the first National Basic Research & Teaching Personnel Training Bases, postdoctoral research stations and the doctoral programs for primary disciplines of mathematics. Mathematics is a key discipline of the National "211 Project" of the "Ninth Five-year Plan" and the "Tenth Five-year Plan". With the scientific and technological innovation platform of the National "985 Project", it is the main supporting discipline for the State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University. In 2007, it was approved by the Ministry of Education as one of the first primary national key disciplines. There are 5 secondary disciplines including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, computational mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics and operational reseach and control theory.

There are 128 current faculties in this discipline, including 50 professors and 41 associate professors; 81 faculties with Ph.D. degrees; There are two awardees of the National 1000-elite Program, one distinguished professor of Chang Jiang Scholar Program, one awardee of the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scientists, two outstanding teachers at the national level in mathematics, two experts at the provincial level, two distinguished professors of the Qiushi Program of Zhejiang University and one fellow of IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics).

In the past five years, more than 600 SCI and EI indexed papers in this discipline have been published. Both the number of papers with high impact factors and SCI and EI indexed papers are on the top in the discipline of mathematics among national higher education institutions. In particular, two of the papers were listed by ESI as "Front 0.1% Highly-cited Papers in the Discipline of Mathematics". In 2007, one paper was selected by ESI as an "Emerging Research Front Paper". In 2008, the number of published SCI indexed papers in this discipline ranked No.1 among national higher education institutions.

In the past five years, a number of honors and awards have been granted, including Morningside Gold Medal of Mathematics, Hall Medal from the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications(ICA), one prize of "Top 10 Science & Technology Advances of Higher Education Institutions in China", six Science & Technology Awards of provincial or ministerial level, one Zhong Jiaqing Mathematics Award by the Chinese Mathematical Society, one National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation and one Nomination of the Award of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation. In recent years, the number of grands from the National Natural Science Foundation in this discipline is one of the largest among national higher education institutions.

With the advanced Mathematical Science Library, network system and supporting facilities, this discipline sponsers the English version of Applied Mathematics, A journal of Chinese Universities which is an SCI indexed journal and the Chinese version which is a domestic core journal.

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