School of Mathematical Sciences Holds 2021 Orientation Ceremony

Release Date: 2021-09-23 Visitcount : 107

The 2021 Orientation Ceremony for School of Mathematical Sciences, Zhejiang University was held today, in room 225, Meng Minwei Building, Zijingang Campus.

Mr. Li Jianshu, Dean of the School and Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), expressed his warmest welcome to the incoming students, and talked about the rich heritage they are coming into. There have been many outstanding mathematicians during the long development history of ZJU, and now it is the mission of young people to keep this honor.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of the School, Mr. Chen Qing delivered his speech and encouraged young people to start from scratch and embrace the challenges bravely.

Mr. Jiang Wenshuai, on behalf of the mentors, talked about the importance of making a good life plan. When doing research, it is beneficial to be down-to-earth, stay open to communications and collaborations, and make full use of the given resources. The mentors will always be there for guidance.

Zhang Yan, a postgraduate student of Applied Mathematics, shared personal experience and emphasized on the social responsibility of the youth today. Yang Shixin, an undergraduate student majoring in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Pursuit Science Class), expressed personal aspiration to apply the knowledge to country development.

The orientation program was conducted after the ceremony. At the end of the event, all the postgraduate students made the commitment to seek the truth while pursuing innovation, with persistence and passion.

Written by Shen Mian

Edited by Chenping