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    Introduction to the School of Mathematical Sciences

      The School of Mathematical Sciences (formerly Department of Mathematics) was founded in 1928.  Led by the analyst Chen Jiangong and geometer Su Buqing, and in the midst of war and social turmoil, by the early 1940’s it became one of the most important centers of mathematics in China.


      In 1952 universities in China went through a major reorganization. As a result, a major proportion of the faculty, including Su and Chen, went to Fudan University, which quickly become an important new center for mathematics research and education in China. Others went firstly to Zhejiang Normal University, and then merged into Hangzhou University.


      In 1957 the Department of Mathematics was officially born again. In 1998, the mathematics departments of four universities merged into one Department of Mathematics at Zhejiang University. In 2015, it was renamed the School of Mathematical Sciences. Finally, the founding of the Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM) in December 2017 opened a new page for mathematics research and education at Zhejiang University.


      The mission of the School is to build a world-class institution of mathematics: a faculty of world-class scholars, a cradle for future mathematicians and society leaders, a platform for research in the frontiers of mathematics and its applications.