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    Directions to School of Mathematical Sciences

    The School is located in the west of Zijinggang Campus (866 Yuhangtang Rd, Xihu District). 

    For 3D Virtual Map of Zijinggang Campus, please view: https://map.zju.edu.cn/index?locale=en_US 

    and select Zijinggang the top left corner.

    You could walk through the South Gate directly or go from the Front Gate to reach our building. Private bicycles and shared bicycles are allowed in the campus for your convenience.


    To arrive at Zijinggang campus, you may depart from two main airports: Hangzhou International Airport, and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, or one railway station: Hangzhou East Railway Station.

    Travel to Zijinggang Campus by taxi

    About 35km from Hangzhou International Airport: around 1 hour

    About 211km from Shanghai Pudong International Airport: around 2.5 hours

    About 17km from Hangzhou East Railway Station: around 0.5 hour


    Travel tips in Hangzhou

    1. Not much cash needed in Hangzhou. Electronic payment and credit card work in most shops. However, exchanging currencies in your home country or at the two airports mentioned above is recommended as there will be a commission fee at local banks.

    2.  It is very cold and humid in winter, rainy and hot in summer. Down jackets and outdoor jackets are recommended for the severe cold weather and the unexpected rain respectively.

    3.  The metro network in Hangzhou is complete. It is a good choice to take metro for commuting or traveling around Hangzhou, considering the traffic jam of the ground transportation during the peak.

    4.  Don’t worry about the language barrier too much. Most signs on the roads or at the station during your journey have the English version.

    5. China operates 220-volt electronical systems. You may need a voltage transformer/adaptor for electrical appliances.