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    The Department of Mathematics at Zhejiang University was established in 1928. Over the past several decades, it has nurtured a great number of excellent scholars who contributed greatly to the development of mathematics in modern China. Here are some of the milestones.


    1928 Department of Mathematics at National Chekiang University was established. Qian Baocong served as the dean.


    1937 Department of Mathematics embarked on the Westward Movement together with the university.


    1941 Department of Mathematics was officially founded. Chen Jiangong and Su Buqing began to recruit undergraduate students. The Chen-Su School in the field of differential geometry, pioneered by Chen Jiangong and Su Buqing, has received worldwide acclamation and exerted profound impacts.


    1981 Basic Mathematics and Operations Research and Cybernetics were authorized to grant doctoral degree.


    1983 The Applied Mathematics was authorized to grant doctoral degree.


    1984 The Basic Mathematics was rated First-class Key Discipline of Zhejiang Province.


    1985 The Computational Mathematics was authorized to grant doctoral degree.


    1988 The Applied Mathematics was rated First-class National Key Discipline.


    1998 The Departments of Mathematics at four universities merged into the former Department of Mathematics in Zhejiang University.


    2007 The mathematics discipline at Zhejiang University was approved by the Ministry of Education as one of the first primary national key disciplines.


    2015 The Department of Mathematics was renamed the School of Mathematical Sciences.

    2017 Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM) was founded. 

    Group photo of faculty members and students at Department of Mathematics in 1937

    Ouyang Chunmei Building of School of Mathematical Sciences, built in 1988

    The new building of School of Mathematical Sciences in Zijinggang Campus coming soon