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    Introduction to the School of Mathematical Sciences

      The Department of Mathematics at Zhejiang University was first founded in 1928. Shortly afterwards, the renowned analyst Chen Jiangong and geometer Su Buqing joined the faculty. With those two mathematicians as the core, a school – what is later named the “Chen-Su School” in China, soon came into being.


      In 2015 the department was reorganized into the School of Mathematical Sciences underpinned by four departments: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Information and Computation Science, Statistics, and one center for teaching of basic mathematical courses.

      The School has more than 100 full-time faculty members, including 60 professors and 37 associate professors and has an annual admission of 200 undergraduate students, 80 postgraduate students, and 35 doctoral students.

      Professor Li Jianshumember of the Chinese Academy of Sciencesserves as the Dean of the SchoolThe faculty consists of 3 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2 professors were and 2 will be invited to speak at International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM). Multiple researchers received SIAM Fellowship, Sloan Research Fellowship, AMS fellowship. Our faculty member won the National Natural Science Award (Second Class), and were honored the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholar, Hua Loo-Keng Prize of Mathematics, AIM Alexanderson AwardAsiagraphics Life Time Achievement Award, etc.


      Over the years, as far as we know, 12 graduates or faculty of the School were elected as the members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Among the other outstanding alumni spreading over the world, the School also boasts entrepreneurs such as Yuzhu Shi, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Giant Interactive Group.


      The School of Mathematical Sciences at Zhejiang University has a long tradition of dedication to research and education. The research interests of the faculty cover essentially all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The major research domains include, but not limited to, Lie group theory, modern dynamical systems, nonlinear partial differential equations and geometric analysis, inverse problems and imaging, and modern limit theorems in probability and statistics.


      With the founding of the Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM) in December 2017, the discipline of mathematics at Zhejiang University has ascended to a new height. Prof. Li Jianshu serves as the founding director of IASM. Prof. Ruan Yongbin, Prof. Sun Binyong and Prof. Liu Yifeng are the permanent members of IASM.  We built an alliance with the Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS) to run 10 BIRS workshops in Hangzhou every year.


      Open and international outlook. We cultivate mathematical talents with a solid knowledge base, inexhaustible passion for research and global competitiveness. The School is cooperating with overseas universities to provide students with more academic opportunities. Up till now, we have established student exchange and cooperation programs with Ecole Polytechnique, Mines ParisTech, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, etc.


      The mission of the School is to build a world-class institution of mathematics: a faculty of world-class scholars, a cradle for future mathematicians and society leaders, a platform for research in the frontiers of mathematics and its applications.


      The School is engaged in a relentless effort to raise the international standing of our research and further improve the quality of our education. With the resilience and pragmatic efforts, international perspective and strong aspiration, and a culture of diversity and inclusion, the School aims to be a premier mathematical institution in the nation, and to be truly first rate in the world.

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