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    The School of Mathematical Science recognizes that each of our international students brings a diverse perspective and varied background to the scholarly community at Zhejiang University. For that reason, we have sort out useful webpages about personal affairs and academic events that you may need in the future.

    Almost all essential details you want to acknowledge or you will be faced can be found in those official websites. We are doing our best to enrich your daily life by developing events, providing resources and services. We hope that you find the webpages informative and helpful.


    Zhejiang University


    General information and introductions to Zhejiang University.


    International College, Zhejiang University


    A website oriented to international students with curriculum and campus information.

    Specific information about scholarships you may apply for and admission policies.


    Undergraduate School, Zhejiang University


    A website oriented to undergraduates with curriculum information and student activities.


    Graduate School, Zhejiang University


    A website oriented to graduates with curriculum, further education opportunities, financial support and research information.


    We hope you will get actively involved in our community and make good use of our offerings. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about our School and student life. It’s our pleasure to help you and know you better. 

    For undergraduate & graduate study, please contact:

    GU Shuxia, gushuxia@zju.edu.cn

    For student life, please contact:

    WANG Qiao, wangxiaoqiao@zju.edu.cn