The School of Mathematical Science holds the 9th Qiushi Tea Forum Discussion: How to create an environment for top talents in mathematics

Release Date: 2023-04-06 Visitcount : 23

The Qiushi Tea Forum series, which is an important platform for conversations between masters and students in the School of Mathematical Sciences, had its 9th meeting on March 24 at the new Book Bar. Professor Liu Yifeng from the Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics, Professor Wang Feng and Professor Lin Zhi exchanged ideas with students from the Qiushi class and the Qiangji class over several topics, including the cultivation of top innovative talents in mathematics, the reform of the school’s honors program and the relation between developing basic structures for the discipline and cultivating excellency. In addition, the professors shared their thoughts and experience with the honors program courses and provided students with advices on professional growth and how to launch brilliant research careers.