Differential Geometry

The modern discipline of geometry is witnessing its rapid and huge advances. There are rich interplays between geometry and many other branches of mathematics. Techniques from Analysis/Algebra are used in solving geometric problems, and their development and application in geometry have in turn fertilised and contributed to the Analysis/Algebra theories. The study of geometry has also had a tremendous impact on diverse fields that include mathematical physics, image processing and meteorology to name a few. An important theme in this area has been the development and the use of sophisticated techniques from the theory of PDEs to study equations that arise in geometry naturally. Remarkable achievements include the resolution of Poincaré conjecture, Positive mass theorem, Willmore conjecture, differentiable sphere theorem, Yau-Tian-Donaldson conjecture and so on.


The research of Geometry group at Zhejiang University centers around the study of Riemannian geometry, Kahler geometry, Convex geometry, Finsler geometry, minimal surface, mathematical physics.